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The locality of Girvan has a reported population of 8,000 inhabitants. Previously it was a fishing port and now also acts as a seaside resort having beaches and also cliffs. This place is 20 miles to the south of Ayr and also 30 miles to the north of Stranraer, which is also a main ferry location from Scotland going to Northern Ireland.

Particular places that might be of interest include first of all Culzean Castle, which is situated to the north of Girvan by a few miles. It was previously the home for the Marquess of Alisa and is now under the ownership of the National Trust for Scotland. The design of the castle is as an "L-plan". It was built by stages from 1777 to 1792 and has a big drum tower. It was reopened in April 2011 after a refurbishment undertaking that was done on it.

Moreover, there is Turnberry golf course which  is found 5 miles to the north as well. The structure "Stumpy Tower" used to be Girvan's jail. It was made in 1789 and during the 1832 Reform riots used for a tollbooth. In Girvan, there is also a secondary school known as Girvan Academy.

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